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Der Shop ist nur für gewerbliche Kunden.


Cash register rolls, thermal rolls and receipt rolls in high quality

Bonbons from the receipt roll or cash register role are still indispensable today despite digitization. Every craftsman collects this slip as a receipt. With a receipt, the issue can be documented to the tax office. In addition, cash receipts serve customers as a proof of ownership for purchased goods. For this reason, today’s cash register paper receipts are still being printed at every point of sale and handed out to customers.

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What are the differences between cash register paper rolls?

  • material
  • Quality / quality
  • Production / sales


Over the last few years, German manufacturers have converted paper roll production to the greatest possible use of pure waste paper. With high quality, receipt receipts in print thus receive higher color intensity and durability. This is not always guaranteed for paper imports from the Far East.

Further material features

  • added properties in the paper
  • Quality of the paper
  • Paper thickness (grammage)

In our paper is NOT the substance Bisphenol A as in some others. This is how we turn our share into clean products. Because everyone’s health is important to us.


Paper cash rolls are made from so-called jumbo rolls. These are huge paper rolls that can weigh up to several tons. When working on such large sheets of paper, the edges are the biggest challenge. Keeping the edge in even thickness must be ensured in the paper blank. Since edges often suffer quality losses due to the cut, these marginal cuts are often made to third-party producers such as No-name candy rolls manufacturers continue to sell and not used themselves. This is how well-known producers avoid offering paper rolls of lower quality. We from the distribute only A quality, even if we do not always offer the cheapest Bonn roles.

The paper thickness (grammage) is a cost factor in production

Paper rolls are sold over their diameter. To make these roles profitable, sometimes thicker “airier paper” is used. This paper loses stability due to the lower material content. If the paper is then pulled in by the printer, a higher abrasion occurs in the printer and the print head.

The shop dissociates itself from this procedure and does not distribute any roles from this paper. Our products are characterized by consistent material content, production quality, surface quality and the uniform paper thickness on the receipt rolls.

Special factors for thermal paper (thermal rolls )

Thermal paper is used everywhere, where a particularly high standard of durability of the printed text is required. Also in hot / cold or oily environment (eg in the food industry) thermal paper is often used. Here then usually a slightly thicker paper is used.

Special roles as cash register roles

Special roles have become more and more important in recent years. Printer manufacturers for POS systems are increasingly agreeing on uniform paper roll formats .

Rolls with blanks

Paper rolls are often used or arrived at credit card terminals. Today, the printouts are usually printed one after the other. Thus, the Durschlagpapier is on the decline. Nevertheless, there are applications that always presuppose this punch-through technique, although the market share is marginal.

purchase Notes

The naming of the paper rolls of cash rolls thermal rolls always takes place according to 3 identical criteria:

Width + diameter (dm) or run length (running meter) + core + if necessary inside (thermo layer inside)


80 * 65dm * 12 80 width + 65mm diameter + 12mm Ø core / sleeve

80 * 80lfm * 12 80 width + 80 lfd meter paper + 12mm Ø core / sleeve

Price + benefit

This article will be used in many areas and will not be an integral part of our lives for a long time. However, as suggested, the technical nature is an important factor that affects the life of your printer. Likewise, the condition and working or processing of the material is an important aspect for the preservation of our ecosystem.

On our rolls we use recyclable paper material, which can be recycled. The environment, as well as your hardware, will be spared.

We are glad, if you consider these aspects, and we are allowed to supply you!

We live in this world today and want to leave you as habitable for our offspring.

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